At Sovereign Security Ltd, we offer a man-down, panic and GPS lone worker monitoring service – all day, every day, all year round.

Man Down

Our non-movement detection system identifies when a worker may be unable to press an emergency panic button for whatever reason. If that happens, his key fob pendant transmits a Man Down alarm to our Central Station. GPS co-ordinates allow us to quickly locate where the particular employee.

Panic Alarm

If a worker needs help, he can signal his emergency by either pressing a phone speed dial or a key fob pendant. This transmits the emergency signal directly to our Central Station, which can identify which employee requires help and what safety procedures need to be deployed. If the worker has a GPS location device, our Central Station will be able to read his mapping co-ordinates and location.

GPS Location

Using GPS technology speeds up the response times to any emergency. A satellite map showing the exact location of the particular employee can be viewed from any Internet browser and details sent to the emergency personnel responding to the call.The software for this service was designed in house.