An efficient and effective fire alarm system is critical to protect life and property. We will conduct a Fire Risk Assessment of your property to examine system considerations to best protect the lives of your business, family, staff, property, and stock.

Fire alarm systems can cause disruption within businesses and communities when false alarms trigger the system in error. This can lead to an unnecessary response by the Fire Brigade Service which can prove costly.

A fire alarm is a life saving device and most be reliable. Sovereign takes action and responsibility to limit false alarms. We have the skills to install and manage fire alarm systems.

We understand that you need a reliable detection system with a controlled response to minimise loss and limit business disruption.

The critical ingredients to an effective fire system are:

  • Design considerations
  • Control and Indications equipment
  • Detection Device and sounders designed, installed, commissioned, handover and certificated to I.S. 3218:2009
  • Documented testing during each year by experience and responsible staff
  • Client and staff training in the responsible usage of the system
  • Response to incidents by client, staff and Sovereign Security
  • Limitation of false alarms


Our staff are highly trained and confident in all areas related to the design, installation and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems. We carry fire alarm stock for immediate replacement of parts, as well as specialised and calibrated testing equipment.

Call us today to assess your current system and whether it can protect life and property when needed.

We guarantee that your protection and prevention always comes first.